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Honey, if you don't bend you'll break

break, bleed, bend the rules of love

Enough Said
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Enough Said is a 4 piece band from Jacksonville Florida consisting of Josh Lamberto (Guitar/Lead vocal), Matt Brown (Guitar/Vocal), Miguel Perez (Bass), and Cory Longino (Drums)... Enough Said originally started in March 2003, but completly reformed in August 2003 when Josh realized things weren't working right. The first step in the rebirth of Enough Said was when Josh decided to get a 2nd guitarist so his songs will be more complete. Originally Josh asked his friend and former manager, Matt Brown, to fill in for a few shows.. But after the first show with Matt, Josh decided he wanted Matt to stay... After that Josh decided that the old bassist wasn't working out, and for the better of the band he would need to replace him... Josh then went to Miguel Perez and asked him if he would like to play bass.. Miguel joined the band and quickly learned the songs in time for a show (which he did a very good job at).. The former drummer left the band cause something about jews? We still aren't sure on that one yet. But this was a relief to Josh because he was wanting to find a new drummer that would suit his style a little better... The band was now drummerless and facing a show in less than 4 days. The new manager, Jaymz Haynes, went though his connections and found a few drummers and made a few calls and contacts.. But finding a drummer isn't easy work.. Jaymz referred the band to Evan Peterson, and Enough Said practiced with him, and he managed to learn the songs fast enough to do a decent job at Jackrabbits (the Adam's Out show)... Evan was a decent fill in.. But Enough Said wanted more.. Another show with Global Threat and F Minus was coming up soon.. Evan didn't have the time to play this show, and the guys wanted to try something a little heavier for this show.. Enough Said hooked up with Jimmy (from Axiomatic) for this show.. Jimmy's crazy heavy drumming allowed Enough Said to rock out hardcore that night... Jimmy was just a fill in.. Enough Said searched for a few more weeks to find the right drummer.. Matt and Miguel's former band's, Split Second Chance, drummer (Cory Longino) seemed to be available.. The thought of having him try out crossed Enough Said's minds several times, but they didn't act upon it till the week before a studio session.. When they jammed with Cory they were pleased and asked him to join........... From here the story just keeps going.... And going.... And going.... And going....

----Enough Said .